Thailand could become a major halal-tourism destination after the opening of Al Meroz Halal Hotel, Thailand’s first halal-friendly property

Tourism Minister Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul is aiming to attract more Muslim visitors.The hotel is owned by prominent Thai-Muslim businessman Rausak Mulsap, president and chief executive officer of TS Family Group.

Kobkarn said the Al Meroz would help make Thailand a Muslim-friendly destination.

A Muslim-friendly-destination mobile application, a search tool for Muslim travellers, was also launched recently.

The hotel, considered trustworthy as it is owned by a Thai Muslim, will cater to the needs of families who strictly need to follow Muslim practices during their stay, she said.

Besides a prayer room, some facilities such as the swimming pool are separated for men and women.

Muslims make up a quality and quantity customer segment. Visitors from Persian Gulf countries have high average days of stay and daily expenditures.

“They help us to continue tourist traffic during the low-season months because many of them visit during the rainy season.

“We not only expect to earn tourism revenue, but would also like our visitors to have a pleasant and safe stay.

“We hope Thailand will attract Muslim tourists, including medical, wedding and maritime travellers,” she said.

Rausak said the four-star hotel also offered three restaurants, meeting rooms and a gymnasium.

“The halal hotel was built to welcome Muslim and non-Muslim guests to fulfil my dream.”

Al Meroz means “heritage” in Arabic. It was given to represent Muslim pride across the world, reflecting brotherhood.

The hotel strictly follows Muslim teachings with a wide range of facilities to impress every guest.

Most visitors are from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Middle East.

The hotel expects occupancy of 82 per cent this year.


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